HTML Tips and tricks

Native HTML Autocomplete

Grouped Select Lists

HTML Accordion

Example Accordion

This is a demo text to dispaly when the accordion is opened.

Example Accordion - Open by Default

Use open attribute on details element to open the accordion by default

Native HTML Sliders

The Meter Element

The Mark Element

You are an awesome person. Cheers!!

contentEditable Attribute

This is an editable text. Try it here for demo. Corect this stpuiddd spelling mistacke.

spellCheck Attribute

This is an editable text with spellcheck enabled. When you try to eidt tihs spellceck will be enbaled.

start Attribute

  1. Pekka
  2. Giant
  3. Minions
  4. Inferno Dragon

Input Type `color`

Input Type `date`

Input Type `datetime-local`

Input Type `time`

Input Type `week`

Limit the range of week's input

Input Type `search`

Input Type `reset`

Update the input fields and click on Reset to clear all input elements